Books Vs Film

Many of our favourite books today have been adapted to film such as Harry Potter, Twilight and Lord of The Rings. Both adaptations of stories are very different but which method is most effective?

Films can bring the story to life before your eyes and make the characters we always imagined into flesh and blood. They can have us on the edge of our seat as the battle progresses, sobbing over a heart break, smiling when the goody wins. Films can let us see things that books cannot.

Films are very good but they cannot give us the experience that a book can. You can feel what they are feeling, see into their thoughts. You know all their hopes, dreams and fears. With films you are watching everything, but with books you can be the wizard, you can be the girl battling cancer, you can be the girl who’s fallen in love with a vampire even for only 100 pages. With films you can never recreate the level of detail a book can give you in only 90 minutes, and that is why reading the book will be better than the film.

Keep reading, bookworms!




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