Misery by Stephen King

Stephen King will always be one of my favourite authors; all of his books have left me astounded and this one was no exception. I think it is very special to find an author with a way of words as King does and his books will always be the ones you pick up again.

Misery starts with Paul Sheldon, an author most famous for his romantic Misery series. However, Paul feels Misery has drained him of his creativity and turned him into a drudge so he killed her off in the final book, Misery’s Return. He sets out inspired to write a new,exciting type of novel- Fast Cars. Paul has just finished the manuscript and sets off celebrating in his car, unaware of the storm that is soon to come.

Three days later Paul has woken up in the isolated home of Annie Wilkes in Colorado, unaware of how he has got there and how he will leave. Annie has always been Paul’s Number One Fan and even named her pig after her favourite character- Misery. But when she goes out to buy her new copy of Misery’s Return, she is not happy. Not happy at all. Paul is being a Don’t-Be and in order to turn him into a Do-Be, Annie may need some drugs, a blowtorch and an axe.

For me, Misery is one of the best books I have ever read and I hope you now want to read it too! Keep reading, bookworms!


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