David Walliam’s Books

David Walliam’s books are hilarious and every single one leaves me dying! However, they are not only funny but convey an important message for children. Here are a few of my favourites:

  • Mr Stink- Chloe Crumb is  a very unhappy 12 year old. She loves her father but does not think she fits in with her ever so busy sister and snooty mother. With her life falling apart, the awful aroma of Mr Stink does not scare away Chloe as she finds a friend and a source of comfort. But with Mr Stink going to leave town, all Chloe has to do is find a way to keep him in her shed without her family suspecting…
  • The Boy in the Dress- Dennis is a lover of football, but also a lover of fashion and Vogue. Ever since his mother left, his lorry-driving father and laddish brother don’t understand him; that is until he meets older and cooler Lisa who shows him it is okay to be different.
  • Awful Auntie- Awful Aunt Alberta and her wicked owl Wagner are on a mission to cheat Stella Saxby out of her inheritance of Saxby Hall- but with the help of Soot, her mischievous chimney-sweep ghost friend – Stella is determined to keep what is rightfully hers. And sometimes a special friend, however different, is all you need to win.

Keep reading, bookworms!


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